Water GardenThere is a style of water garden for every landscape, and beginners or experienced gardeners alike agree that garden ponds open a whole world of endless possibilities.

No longer reserved for the wealthy, water gardening is affordable for everyone. From a simple table top garden or a whisky barrel on an apartment balcony to an elaborate concrete free form pool. The addition of plants and fish combined with accent features such as fountains, waterfalls or statuary offer endless possibilities to gardeners of all skill levels and budgets.

The number one mistake most gardeners make when building a water garden or pond is making the pond too small. Water gardening is the simplest garden to care for, the plants require very little maintenance and the fish are not demanding. To fully enjoy a water garden try to build as large a pond as your budget will allow, alternately design your pond in stages.

Choose the right water garden for your landscape:

A natural pond is created from an existing landscape feature such as a stream, which only needs to be dammed to create a reflecting pool.

Man made ponds are the easiest to work with, they come in a wide variety of containers, liners - both rigid and flexible plastic and poured concrete.

In order for a water garden to be successful and offer maximum enjoyment, you must choose the right location. Your site conditions, including slope, soil, sun, shade, wind and how you will use it will all be determining factors where you will eventually be placing your garden pond.

Site Selection for a Backyard Water Garden - Deciding factors that will help determine the best location for your garden pond.

Container Water Gardens - Not enough room for full size garden pond? Discover if container water gardens fit the bill.

Once your water garden is up and running, maintaining and caring for it should be a simple task.

Maintaining Your Pond - Tips on how to care and maintain your pond or water garden.

Cleaning a Garden Pond - Tips on how to successfully clean your water garden or pond.

Add design elements to create a unique water garden.

Adding a Fountain to Your Water Garden - Spill fountains and splash fountains aid in keeping a water garden healthy.

Accessories For A Water Garden

Pond Plants - Choose the right plants for your pond.

Lighting A Water Garden - From ordinary to the extraordinary!

Pond Heaters - Necessary in colder climates.

Pond Pumps - Choose the right pump for the size of your pond.

An Edible Water Garden

Building a Waterfall For Your Backyard Pond

Books & Magazines on pond building for the backyard gardener

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