Spray fountains - The classic garden fountain is the spray fountain.

Set in the middle of a large pond, spraying gracefully up onto the air, creating a cascade of sounds and images - this timelsss beauty can only be achieved with a spray fountain. In addition to it's timeless beauty the spray fountain helps to keep ponds and water gardens clean, and maintain a healthy oxygen level.
BIG SHOT™ Floating Fountain BIG SHOT™ Floating Fountain
Powerful centrifugal and aerator pump give your pond the spectacular beauty of high, cascading water. Shoots five water jets into a 4-leaf clover pattern.
Big Shot Spray Fountain Skyward Big Shot™ Fountain
Fountain emits a single skyward jet pattern surrounded by a mushroom shaped spray pattern. Spray pattern is 15-25 feet high and 10-15 feet in diameter.

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