Spitters are fountains that do just that - spit. Despite the small amount of water they emit, spitters add tremendous benefits to the pond environment.

For pond owners who love the look of calm waters and reflecting pools, spitters are the perfect way to add dimension to their water garden without using a large fountain. Spitters add an element of whimsy to even the most formal water garden.

For small ponds, spitters add a decorative touch, help to aerate the water and create less turbulence. View a collection of our favorite barrel spitters

Spitters come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, the most popular spitters are from The Brass Baron Fountains. These beautiful fountains are rich with design details created from the Lost Wax Method. The Brass Baron collection includes the classic cherubs and mermaids, animals, birds and alittle bit of whimsy with their sassy frog lounging on a lily pad.

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