A rigid pond liner is like a large container garden.

Preformed liners or shells are made from rigid heavy duty plastic or fiberglass. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes and are reasonably priced, lightweight and easy to install.

A rigid pond liner is ideal for those with modest skills, especially if the pond is relatively small. Shells are great for creating raised or partially submerged ponds, choose a symmetrical shape with a single depth for the easiest installation.

Step by Step Instructions for Installing a Rigid Pond Liner:

  • Draw an outline of the pond either on paper or at the location with a garden hose.
  • Dig a hole 6 inches wider and deeper than the pond liner, be sure to clear away any sharp objects that may puncture the liner, such as branches and roots.
  • Line the hole with 3 inches of sand base- sand makes it easier to level the pool and helps to drain away water collecting underneath.
  • Place the liner in the hole, adjusting the sides and bottom as necessary. Add a few inches of water.
  • Using the water as a level, adjust the liner evenly on the sand base.
  • Fill the liner with water, while at the same time backfill the gap surrounding the outside of the liner with soil to help stabilize the weight and pressure from the water building up on the inside.
  • Camouflage the edge of the liner by laying rocks or flat stones. Place some so that they hang over the pond for a natural look. Plant edging plants to help the pond blend in with the surrounding landscape.
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