When to clean pond and water gardens is a commonly asked question. Thankfully it is a major chore that only needs to be done every 3 or 4 years.

A well established pond, one that is maintained on a regular basis will require a minimum amount of weekly cleaning. Give your pond a maintenance cleaning every 3-4 months and you will have a problem free, healthy pond. Every once in a while, for a variety of reasons, it may be necessary to completely empty and refill your garden pond.

To maintain your pond and keep maintenance to a minimum try Healthy Ponds Pond Cleaner. This treatment, used every 30 days helps to break down organic sludge to keep ponds clean and clear while reducing odors. Nontoxic and 100% natural — safe for fish and animals.

Signs that your pond may need a thorough cleaning:

  • Plants are overgrown
  • Thick layer of debris on the bottom of the pond

Rarely should you need to completely empty your pond. But if you feel that you really need to start fresh follow these guidelines:

  • Early fall or late summer is the best time to empty a garden pond. Choose a cooler day if you have fish.
  • Partially drain the pond using a submersible pump or a bucket.
  • Catch any fish, frogs and other critters and place in a large bucket or trash can of pond water. A child's pool works well too. Place a cover or net over to prevent fish from jumping out.
  • Continue emptying the water from the pond.
  • Remove plants and add them to a large bucket also containing pond water.
  • Carefully scoop all remaining muck and mud from the bottom of the pool, dispose of this water in the garden as it may block household drains.
  • Lightly scrub and rinse the sides and bottom of the pond and remove dirty water. Try not to scrub away all the algae, some is very beneficial the health of plants and fish.
  • Start to add water back into the pond, filling half way, and add the plants.
  • Continue to fill the pond and check chlorine levels. Add chloamine removers if necessary.
  • Return the fish to the pond using one of these methods: - Place fish in sealed, plastic bags and allow to float on the surface of the pond for few minutes. Once the water temperatures are similar, release the fish into the pond.
    - Gradually add the new pond water to the container that the fish are temporarily being held in. Once they have become acclimatized to the temperature, gentle transfer the fish into the pond using a net or smaller bucket.

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