Adding a fountain to your water garden or fish pond is an easy project. The hardest part is deciding which style to choose from:

A simple fountain where a stream of water flows from a classic statuary, a spill fountain - one that has multiple levels, or a splash fountain - where the fountain rises from the water line and slashes back onto itself.

Basic Guidlines for Installing a Fountain:

  • As a general rule - the diameter of the pool should be at least double the spray from the fountain.
  • The tip of the fountain should be just above the water level.
  • Many plants, water lillies especially do not like to be disturbed, place them well away from the fountain.
  • Fish will also avoid the area near the fountain spray, but the aeration is beneficial to fish.
  • Whatever style you choose, you will need the same basic equipment; a pump, tubing to connect the pump to the fountain, and a ground fault circuit interrupter electrical outlet.

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