Fountains bring life, interest and an extra dimension to water gardens and ponds.

The sights and sounds associated with splashing water from backyard fountains or a waterfall are a relaxing reminder of a clear woodland spring.

Many gardeners use a fountain as a purely decorative feature in their water gardens, but in addition to their aesthetic appeal, they also provide aeration to otherwise standing water and provide oxygen to fish and plants. As an added bonus a fountain may also help to mask noise from a busy street.

For gardeners with a limited budget or lack of space who like the idea of a cascading water fountain but don't want the bother of digging a hole, ready-to-install kits are available. Easy to install on a fence or wall and you have an instant water feature.

There Are Primarily 3 Types Of Outdoor Garden Fountains:

  • Spray Fountains - Spray fountains have heads that shoot water upward in a variety of patterns from a delicate mist to a massive column. Set against a back drop of dark foliage, this type of fountain is very dramatic. As a general guideline, the diameter of the pool should be twice the sprays height. Popular spray patterns include: Multi-tier, gentle bubbler, tulip, ring, geyser and bell or mushroom.
  • Spill or Cascading Fountains - Spill fountains have a stream of water starting from above the pool, flowing through a series of levels and back into the pond. Spill fountains can be as simple as a single stream of water pouring into a pond from a statue or as elaborate as a multiple tiered pans flowing from one level to another.
  • Spitters - Spitters are just that - statues that spit water: mermaids, animals, little boys just to name a few.

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