Fish ponds stocked with goldfish or koi bring both color, movement and endless enjoyment to your water garden landscape.Fish pond

A well stocked fish pond is an amazing site. Although more time is required to maintain a pond containing fish than a simple water garden, the time you spend will be well rewarded. Both goldfish and koi are well suited to outdoor fish ponds, but koi fish grow to a much larger size and are better suited to large ponds.

If you are interested in creating a fish pond - which is designed to carry a larger concentration of fish than a water garden - there are a number of factors you need to consider. This type of pond requires certain design elements as well as adequate filtration and maintenance.

Critical Considerations For a Healthy Fish Pond:

  • Must have adequate filtration system
  • Sufficiently large pump to aid in water movement
  • The bottom of the pond is sloped toward a center drain to aid in remove settling waste
  • Design must allow easy removal of leaves and debris
  • Periodic chemical treatments to maintain healthy fish

The Best Goldfish for a Garden Pond:

Fish Pond Facts

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Tropical fish are sensitive to temperature change and are unsuitable for garden ponds. The best fish for smaller garden ponds are goldfish, they range in color from bright orange and pale yellow to black and multi colored.
  • Fantail
  • Black Moor
  • Common Goldfish
  • Comet
  • Shubunkin

Additional Information on Fish Ponds:

Basic Goldfish Care

Pond Maintenance Supplies

Beneficial Bacteria - How it works and is it really necessary for a healthy pond.

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