Container water gardens are the perfect solution for the gardener with very little space or for someone who moves a lot and wants to take their water garden with them.

Container Water Gardening
Adding a container water garden to a balcony or patio is the easiest way to bring the trickling sounds of a tranquil pond to a confined space, and creating a pond in waterproof pot is the easiest way to introduce yourself to the wonders of water gardening. Container water gardens can be a simple pot filled with rocks and a fountain or a more elaborate garden would include plants and fish. Just about any container can be transformed into a water garden, if you are planning to add fish and or fish, the container should be 12 inches deep.

Click here to view kits that are readily available to transform any barrel or container quickly and easily into a water garden, complete with small fountain or spitter.

Suitable containers for water gardening:

  • half whiskey barrels
  • over sized dishes or bowls
  • galvanized buckets - caution must be used with metal buckets as they may heat up in the sun
  • plastic tubs made especially for water gardening
  • anything that can be made water proof - use your imagination, but never use copper pots, they are toxic to fish.
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