Enjoy the wonderful world of water gardening, where a combination of plants, animals and water combine to create an oasis for both the inexperienced and avid gardener.

A water garden or fish pond provides a cool oasis in our hectic lives, a place to retreat and unwind from a busy outside world. With the addition of unique decorating accessories; fountains, a waterfall, plants and animals, your dreams of having a unique water feature in your own backyard will come true.

A water garden can be as complex or as simple as your budget will allow, varying in size from a half filled rain barrel to free form concrete design. Gardeners with busy schedules will love the fact that once your garden pond is up and running the maintenance will be no more than an hour per week - the rest of your leisure time will spent enjoying it.

Incorporating water into a backyard garden adds to the seasonal appeal of a garden. In the spring, a pond becomes the breeding ground for frogs and a watering hole for birds. In the summer a pond provides a cool oasis on a hot day. Water reflects the colorful splendor of the autumn leaves and in the winter the beauty of a cold winter day.

Which Type Of Water Garden Is Right For You?

There is a water feature for every landscape, space and budget. Some gardeners prefer a natural pond, others prefer a more formal design. Before you start planning your water garden consider how you will use it.

If the sight of still water pleases you, then the sound of moving water will please you even more. Whether it is the splash of a waterfall in a hill side garden or the gentle bubbling from a table top fountain the sound of water moving enhances any size water feature.

Outdoor Water Gardens Are Classified Into 4 Categories;

Water FountainWater Gardens - The most common water feature people think of when imagining a garden pond. Water gardens are designed to provide a habitat for a few fish and plants, they attract birds and other animals, and maintenance is relatively easy.

Container Water Gardens - By far the most popular of all the water gardens, container water gardening is fast becoming the easiest type of garden for any skill level. Table top gardens and balcony size container gardens are easy to create from any item that will hold water.

Fish Ponds - Primarily designed to carry a larger concentration of fish than a water garden, they require special filtration and unique maintenance needs.

Backyard Garden Fountains - Containing primarily only the fountain and water, with a minimum of plants or fish, this is the simplest water feature and has the lowest maintenance.

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